The most delicious recipes made by our chefs meets with our guest at the Fascinating atmosphere of Mediterrannean. Aska Side Grand Prestige offers its guests, flavors from international cuisine to add up taste to their holiday in main restaurant  and original recipes in A´la carte restaurants with authentic atmosphere.
Main Restaurant; Main Restaurant, where the most delicious dishes of world cuisines are served with open buffet presentations, has a capacity of 750 people both inside and outside sitting area
Fish A’la Carte; In the terrace of Aska Grand Prestige and it’s warm ambiance, you may taste the most delicious sea products in Mediterranean. Your orders will specially be prepared for you along  with sunset and amazing seaview. Maximum capacity is 30 people.
Italin A’la Carte Restaurant: The most delightful recipes of Mediterranean cuisine meets its guests.. Maximum capacity is 30 people.
Mexican restaurant offers an unforgettable Mexican Cuisine experience for flavor hunters at Aska Side Grand Prestige. Maximum capacity is 30 people.
The rich cuisine created by Ottoman’s different cultural exchange and its interaction, offers variety of tastes and regional diversity in the Aska Side Grand Prestige. Maximum capacity is 30 people.
All a la carte restaurants are extra chargeable and must be booked in advance by the Guest Relations.